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Environmental Awareness Training for Capacity Building at MSMEs & Factories

Environmental Awareness Training for Capacity Building at MSMEs & Factories

Since March 2022, Prevent Plastics Myanmar has been organising the Environmental Awareness and Waste Reduction Training Program at local SMEs and factories. Sharing the impact of climate change, acknowledgement to reduce plastics, and proper ways of waste management under our consultancy program has become tremendous support and push for the community to start a change in their daily routine and workplace.
The technical experts and consultants of the Prevent Plastics Team went to several factories, garments, offices and shared environmental awareness and waste reduction knowledge and training.
Seeing the actual evolution of the participants’ behaviours and implementation at the workplace to reduce single-use plastic at the individual level after this training brought strength & motivation to the Prevent Plastics Myanmar team to implement further training.

1. Tang Tea Factory

2. Shwe See Sar Garment Factory

3. Ngwe Sae Taw 999

4. Cho Cho Co.Ltd

5. Thar Yar Aye Garment

6. U Min Yar Natural Compound Fertilizer

7. Saungder Weaving and Vocational Institute

8. Art Che Lone Home Shop

9. Lawe Pan Food Production & Distribution

10. The production of all kinds of new silver velvet shoes

11. The Egg Bank & Ah Tee Family Nature Farm – 2

12. (14) Street Breakfast Restaurant

13. De Heus Myanmar Limited,

14. Venus Local Home,

15. KMT91 Manufacturing

16. Worldview Community Development Limited

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