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Join us in embracing the future of sustainability with our groundbreaking campaign, “Green Growth: Planting Trees, Reducing Plastic Bags.” In collaboration with Garnier Green Beauty, we are thrilled to introduce an initiative that addresses not one but two critical environmental challenges of our time: deforestation and plastic pollution.
Our mission is simple yet profound — to inspire change and drive impact. Through a powerful partnership between nature and conscious consumer choices, we are dedicated to creating a healthier, greener planet for future generations.
Imagine a world where every step towards sustainability is a step towards progress. This campaign is born from that vision. By engaging shoppers at City Mart, Marketplace, and Ocean, we believe that change is possible and inevitable. Together, we can turn the tide on these pressing issues, fostering a world where nature thrives, and plastic is no longer a threat.
Why tackle one problem when we can tackle two? With “Green Growth,” each act of saying no to plastic bags becomes a catalyst for growth. For every five plastic bags refused, or for every 15,000 MMK worth of Garnier products purchased, a tree will be planted in the verdant landscapes of Myanmar. The impact is two-fold: fewer plastic bags choke our ecosystems, and more trees breathe life into our planet.
The trees will take root across Myanmar within the span of the campaign. This ambitious undertaking is made possible by the dedication of shoppers like you. Every time you choose to forgo plastic bags, you contribute to the reforestation effort.
Transparency is at the heart of our mission. The CMHL sustainability team will meticulously track plastic bag usage within our partnered shops. This data forms the foundation for our tree-planting initiative, ensuring that real, measurable progress is achieved. As plastic bag usage decreases, the Earth’s lush canopy will expand.
“Green Growth: Planting Trees, Reducing Plastic Bags” is a testament to the power of collective action. It’s an invitation to be part of something greater than ourselves, to take a stand for nature and future generations. As each tree takes root and conscious choices replace every plastic bag, we inch closer to a sustainable tomorrow.
Join us on this journey towards a greener, cleaner world. Together, we can turn the tide, foster change, and sow the seeds of a flourishing planet. Welcome to a future where growth is green, and possibilities are endless.